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people vs climate change

Please find the background information and correct answers below. 

Goal of the game

Climate change is becoming a more relevant, but also a more complex subject which often leads it to seem distant and intangible. Many people find it challenging to live a sustainable lifestyle because they think it is uncomfortable and expensive. Additionally, individual actions often feel powerless when contrasted with the impacts of industry. VIRTUe does however, believe in the huge potential of collective human actions.

However, this doesn’t negate the fact that building and construction are responsible for 39% of CO2 emissions, making the sector a key player in reaching global sustainability goals. Designers have the power to stimulate sustainable behaviour as people are heavily affected by their built environment. We are stuck in a status quo where the industry is not guiding users to a more sustainable mindset, and therefore is not receiving incentive to change. We aim to break this loop and introduce an integrated approach to both sustainable building and living.  Not all people have influence on the choices being made in the buidling industry, however every one has influence on the choices you make within your own home. Therefore the escapegame focuses on elements that influence climate change at home. 

Climate change

As a player, you do not have any influence on the points being scored by climate change. The only way to beat climate change, is to score points for people faster then climate change. To resemble the reality, players start 1-0 behind. 

Climate change scores point with flooding,  temperature and pollution. 


People can score points with: zero waste, sustainable use of energy  and sustainable eating habits. 

1.Zero Waste

There are several ways to reduce waste. Within this game these ways are divided into 4 categories: eliminate single use- consume less -repair – recyle/reuse. These items are displayed on the trashcan. When looking through the peepholes of the trashcan, players can see all kind of examples of this category.  At the other side of the room, there are paintings with different colours that show an example from each category. These need to be linked to the different categories.  



Painting with red border

Eliminate single use

Bring a reusable coffeecup

Team Virtue (1)

2. Sustainable use of energy

There are several ways to reduce energy consumption within the house. Use the provied tablet to scan the QR codes. Each QR code shows a way to reduce energy. The image also states the amount of energy you would save by this action. When you order the images from big to small, the word BEGIN will form. 

3.Sustainable Eating Habits

Eating habits make a difference! On each of the plant pots there is a sustainable dilemma. For example:

Always eating biological food that is wrapped in plastic.

Always eating non-biological food that is not wrapped in plastic.

The player need to decide which of the dilemma’s is the most sustainable. Furthermore there is a UV flashlight within the room. When shining on the correct side of the plantpot, a puzzle piece of the carbon footprint will show. When the puzzle is made correctly, the numbercode will show. 

Mobile Stories

This project was a co-creation between Team Virtue and Mobile Stories.

Mobile Stories specializes in experience design. The company is committed to both educational as recreational purposes in the field of creative & technical concept development. In addition to traditional escape rooms, they have broadened their horizons with serious games, education & gamification.


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